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  • Why the Law of Attraction fails and how learning this one simple technique will produce lasting and ever increasing results
  • And, how to create more wealth and live authentically in alignment with who you truly are!

Dear Savvy Spiritual Professional…

Kamin Bell SamuelMy name is Kamin Samuel and I grappled for years with the concept of praying to God for more money, better job, increased business, and for happiness. I used the Law of Attraction to focus on what I thought I wanted and even got those dreams…only to end up in despair, distrusting myself and more importantly God.

I learned some valuable lessons along the way. I went from being in huge debt, bankruptcy and foreclosure of two homes to growing a corporate career from entry level to becoming a vice president and attracting the man and life that truly exceeded my dreams!

I share much of my story in my book “Increasing Your Abundance Starting Today!”, formerly “Journey to Abundance.” And, I have evolved from the lessons I share in my book.

I love, love, love helping women achieve greater wealth through enhancing their partnership with God, Spirit, or whatever term you might use for your Higher Power. I meet so many wonderful business and career women that are spiritual and believe in a Higher Power and are searching for ways to live more authentically in everything they do…and get paid at the same time.

And yes, what I share in this video will help men, too!

I recently created an 8-module video series based on techniques I use with my private clients that have gotten them huge success entitled,

“Receiving God’s Paycheck: 8 Keys to Receiving More Wealth
and Success in Your Life”

And, I want to share the first video,

The Evidence of Wealth

with you absolutely free!


Yep, I’ll tell you about the full program on the gift page but don’t worry about that now. The first video is absolutely FREE and I’m throwing in my all-time favorite video and secret to my and so many others success. You’ll get information you can use today to change your circumstances and change your life.

Jenny KowalczukThis program looks at wealth as an integral part of life and helps us look at it in a way that allows is to create a more joyful and wealthy life. It helps direct energy and focus to what matters most for creating wealth. Kamin is a gentle and loving coach who has a depth of experience, she understands being under financial strain and also understands how our need for an income can help us create a more joyful life if we manage money in a way that serves us, not enslaves us.

~Jenny Kowalczuk, Content Driven Marketing Specialist http://www.jennykowalczuk.co.uk/

Nancy FithianKamin provides very useful tools and guidance to help you release your money blocks and transform your relationship with wealth as you co-create with the Universe!

~Nancy Fithian


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Here’s what a few of my amazing clients say about working with me…

 Hi Kamin, Working with you was profound and life changing.  I felt an immediate shift in energy. The result is a deeper level of relaxation and ease in my body. Financially I know something shifted, as new clients are calling out of the blue!  I’ve integrated aspects of myself that were at odds and there is a new found peace present as I go about the day. Physically, my martial arts practice has jumped to a new level of heightened awareness. 

To say you are the “wealth doctor” is an understatement. You are street smart, spiritually savvy and your approach works!” –Lin Morel, www.linmorel.com


Phyllis Mitz

I had one conversation with Kamin, then followed her advice.  Within weeks my income doubled. 

Kamin is awesome!


Phyllis F. Mitz, M.A. Astrologer, Columnist and Author of You’re Every Sign, Astrology’s Keys to Hot Romance


I want spiritual professionals, especially women, everywhere to start connecting more fully to their own wisdom and to create or enhance a partnership with God to receive more health, wealth and happiness in their lives.

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